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Swan Falls Dam

First night shooting with the robotic slider. I packed up and drove out to the swan falls dam.

Skies were mostly clear, with the occasional high altitude cloud. The moon was reflecting light from roughly 5/8ths it’s face. I was   surprised at the amount of light the moon reflected. Light from it reflected off of the earth and gave the skyline an almost Erie blue glow. Should make for a great colored timelapse  with strong cold toned sky and warm toned lights mounted on the dam.

The robot was simple to setup. The initial test exposure looked amazing. I started the system and waited. It was a little over three hours to complete. I layed on my camera case for the first hour and watched the sky. The stars were bright and the occasional piece of space junk would fall creating a small shooting star.

It was quiet except for a few rabbits running in the brush and the dull mechanical  humming of the dam. I felt cold laying on the ground.

I’ll have to figure out something more to do with my time. I don’t know if my mind played tricks on me or not…. Off in the distance in the sky a large light appeared. Much brighter and larger than any of the stars. It looked like a large fireball. It did not move. Just burned. It stayed the for just a minute and then just vanished. It should show up in the time lapse. I’m wonder what it was. Here are a few slices of the frames (image numbers _MG_9793, _MG_9794, _MG_9795, _MG_9796) in sequence. Exposures were 20 seconds long and there was a 5 second delay between frames for the robot to move.

It was time to quit seeing things. I went to the truck and warmed up for a while.

After warming up I came back out and watched the sky again. It’s amazing how beautiful it was. That was one of the things i missed most about growing up on a farm. The deep black sky…

At about 10:20 pm the fish decided to start jumping. Shortly after, the robot finished it’s cycle. I was freezing again. I packed up and headed home.

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