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These are some images from Cassie’s session out at swan falls dam. It was right as the fire season was going through. The sunlight coming through the smokey haze added the perfect amount of reddened fill light.

Here are some of the images Karly and I shot out at the Old Idaho Penitentiary. It’s an amazing location to photograph at. If you have a spare afternoon, the Old Idaho Penitentiary is well worth a few hours to walk through.


Karly Jones

Wardrobe for the shoot provided by:

Native Apparel

Brianna Allen


Here are a couple of shots from Hilary’s recent session:

Booker was training for a recent competition at his workplace. Here are some of the selects from his fitness session.

And here is a side by side to show where he started and finished.  It’s amazing what hard work and a disciplined diet can achieve.




One of the nice parts of winter is I can finally get caught up on post work. Here are some shots we did last fall for Robyn’s fitness portfolio.

This was a surprise session for Greg and his two daughters. They wanted to do a fun shoot that would really let their personalities show through. I tried to keep the shoot as simple as possible. I used a medium grey backdrop and a single softbox in a butterfly style lighting setup with the intention of the finals being in black and white. I gave them a space to work in and simple instructions.

Here are some of the images from Stu and Liz’s family portrait session.

Here are some of the images from Valerie and Ariana’s portrait session.

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